Control Unit Flowmatic Digitech

AppliSil Flowmatic


This control unit is the 8th generation in 18 years of history.

It is the first generation where you can easily create your own features if the program does not fit or is insufficient. Many years of experience give us a huge advantage in creating the right functions and easy operation.

Flowmatic Digitech can be adapted to different customers, including language mutations and local preferences. The expanding machines and the demand for high-capacity machines have increased the need for up to 30A power. New electronic components that come every year, give us the opportunity to make world-class products.

The Flowmatic Digitech model offers, for example:

  • Select the mode for calculating the required dose
  • Automatic control according to selected conditions
  • Multiple records of histories
  • Possibility to connect an external module with GPS and CAN interface


The Flowmatic Digitech 230 control unit has intuitive operation.

Power supply:
30 A
Tuch 3,5"
Use to:
For all Applisil applicators