Applisil MP6 Lite

Inoculant Applicator for round bailers.


The MP6-50 applicator is equipped with a diaphragm pump, which gives a maximum of 6 I / min at a pressure of 3.5 bar, it provides a reliable application. The nozzles are mounted in the pickup area to provide and even and accurate application.

The 50 litre tank is standard. The whole system is ready for connection of Flowmatic Lite or Flowmatic Digitech digital units.

It is possible to purchase a cable for these units which is connected to the ISOBUS contact in the tractor. This enables the pump starts while driving and stops when the tractor stops. If the pick-up is raised, everything stops.

Biological preservatives are mixed with water in different concentrations. They can therefore be adjusted to tank volume to allow maximum output between fills.
3,5 bar.
max. 6 l / min.
50 L
  • Round bailer
Suitable for:
  • Biologic conservation
  • Acid based conservation

The applicator can be connected to Flowmatic Lite or Flowmatic Digitech.

The system is delivered complete with all components necessary for complete assembly. Including hoses, nozzles, cables, etc.

  • Complete set
  • Use of nozzles
  1. Strap
  2. Tank
  3. Flow meter
  4. Reduction – 1/4 G
  5. Threaded pipe
  6. Threaded pipe
  7. Filter
  8. Threaded knee
  9. Threaded pipe
  10. Threaded coupling
  11. Nut
  12. Hose nipple
  13. Pump
  14. Connector
  15. 2x nozzle with holder
  16. Hose – 6 m
  17. Hose clamps in stainless steel
  18. Nozzle set
  19. Magnetic valve
  20. Connection cable – 12 V.
  21. Pump cable – 10 m
  22. Remote control cable – 10 m
  23. Flow meter cable – 10 m
  24. Flowmaster Lite control unit

Trysky dodané s aplikátorem se umísťují nad sběrač tak, aby pokryly celou plochu sběrače. Držáky trysek se dají tvarovat tak, aby se co nejvíce zjednodušila jejich montáž a mohli se umístit na více místech. Ke správné volbě trysky doporučujeme použít tabulku, kde je barevně znázorněno dávkování v závislosti na tlaku trysky.

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Applisil MP6-50 Inoculant Applicator for round bailers
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