Applisil MP18

Inoculant applicator For big harvesters.


This applicator with a capacity up to 18 l / min and is designed for powerful foarge harvesters. The pump is connected to a digital flow meter placed in box and making one single unit.

The pressure of 3.5 bar guarantees high performance at the end of the blower chute or acceleator area where the metal nozzles are located. The pump should be located near the tank. The equipment includes a suction pipe that fits into a 200 l drum.

3,5 bar.
Stainless steel 316 L
1 - 18 L / min.
200 L
  • Foarage Harvester
Suitable for:
  • Biologic conservation
  • Acid based conservation

The applicator can be connected to Flowmatic Lite or Flowmatic Digitech.

The system is delivered complete with all components necessary for complete assembly. Including hoses, nozzles, cables, etc.

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Used materials:
The cabinet is made of 316 L stainless steel, which is resistant to acids.

These nozzles are treated with a special Corr-I-Durr technology, which hardens the components and at the same time protects the surface against corrosion. In this way, acid-based preservatives are prevented from passing through the machine and causing corrosion of the material

For longer operating times, we recommend rinsing the pump with clean water. Make sure there is no water in the pump before winter. Frozen water in the pump chamber can damage the pump.

  1. Filter
  2. Pipe with internal threads
  3. Threaded knee
  4. Handle
  5. MP18 pump
  6. Flow meter
  7. Flowmeter cable
  8. 3/4 thread + gluing
  9. Pipe 20 mm
  10. Nut – 3/4 “
  11. Reduction
  12. Cabinet
  13. Connector
  14. Plastic cover
  15. Straws
  16. Flowmatic Lite control unit
  17. Cable from control unit to pump – 10 m
  18. Flowmeter cable
  19. Power cable with contact to the tractor – 2 m
  20. Remote control cable – 10 m
  21. Hose – 12 M.
  22. Stainless steel hose clamps – A4
  23. Metal nozzles for the chimney – 2x
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Applisil MP18 Inoculant applicator For big harvesters
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