Applisil MP10

Inoculant Applicator for Self loading wagon


The applicator is equipped with a 200 liter tank with a sight gauge. The blue color of the tank filters the light. Both light and higher temperatures affects the bacterial liquid, which then loses its effectiveness.

The whole system is equipped with an diaphragm MP10 pump with a digital flow meter. The pressure of 3.5 bar guarantees an effective spray pattern with 2 nozzles. They are placed above the pickup. The location can be adjusted  to optimise application.

All parts are placed in the tank when shipped to keep shipping efficent.

3,5 bar.
10 l / min.
200 L
  • Self loading wagons
  • Big balers
Suitable for:
  • Biologic conservation
  • Acid based conservation

The applicator can be connected to Flowmatic Lite or Flowmatic Digitech.

The system is delivered complete with all components necessary for complete assembly. Including hoses, nozzles, cables, etc.

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Applisil MP10 Inoculant applicator for Self loading wagon
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